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This is a list of my very own DIY products I have created in both my personal development role - my Superlife® Brand and in my business development role - my Maverick Solutions Brand.

I have very high standards when it comes to relationships, customer service and value for money. Here are the things I look for when I am considering buying a product or service:

  • Is it the best value-for-money product on the market compared to the competition?  
  • Does the seller have an unconditional guarantee for a reasonable time that I will get my money back if I am not completely satisfied?  
  • Will the seller provide me with personalised, fast service if I have any problems?  
  • Do I trust the seller?  

Well, you probably won't be surprised to know that these are the same standards I expect from my own business and customer relationships. My promise to you is that my business meets all my own standards. However, if you are not satisfied for any reason for 60 days after your purchase date for any of my software programs, then you get your money back. You know, I do value money, but I will always value my relationships and acting honestly ahead of anything else.

In addition, if you find a similar software product on the market, i.e. comparable value/ functionality and at a lower price then I will sell you my product at the same price. I want us both to come out winners when we do business together, and I will do whatever it takes to achieve this outcome.

Oh and I do have to say this ... my products are specifically designed and very competitively priced so that you can DIY - i.e. Do It Yourself. I'm here to help you succeed but I can't won't do it for you without stuffing up your life! 

If you're not interested in learning then my products are not for you.
I'm into helping SHOW you how YOU can do it yourself whether changing your life or starting/ growing a successful business.

Going the DIY way can be tough in the beginning but eventually you become your own expert on business/ personal development and this will boost your confidence and save you buckets of money too.

However, I will be there in the trenches with you and support you for the long term if you accept full responsibility for your life because it takes more energy to live someone else's life than it does to split a hydrogen atom!

All you have to do is stay in touch, let me know how you are going, and what support you might need.

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Just Launched Superlife® DIY Life Planning Software

Are you sick and tired of feeling too much pain, grief and dissatisfaction about your current life?

If you have the courage to face your worst fears and charge right through them anyway then Superlife® is what you need right now because if you don't have a life plan and follow it, then you will most probably stay stuck where you are.

Superlife® teaches you how to take control of your life direction, set 'must-have' goals, live your top values and create a lifestyle that balances all major aspects of your life.

Superlife is designed for non-technies, so you don't have to be a life planning genius to learn how to change your life for the better. And all on your own PC, at your own pace, and in your own time.

Superlife product

"Over 20 years I've supervised life planning exercises in different countries. Superlife is the best instrument I've seen."
Graeme Chaplin -
 Management Author.

Click here to get Superlife at Special Launch Price!

You can also download a sample of what you can expect to see when you have completed your very own Superlife Plan by right clicking on the link below and saving the file to your desktop:

Click for Sample Superlife Plan


Memo to: Courageous business entrepreneurs who have recently started their own business and are having second thoughts.

- Are you working ridiculous hours?
- Are you putting out fires all day long?
- Are you running out of money?

You need my DIY Business System because it shows you how to become a good leader and delegator and business manager. Once you have these skills and systems in place you can control where your business is going - in dollars, in sales, and in how much time you wish to spend in it. Details for each of the 8 modules are shown below.

Maverick Solutions for SME's

"Gary stepped me through his practical, innovative process and now my business has newfound direction, efficient systems and as a result continues to grow.  Essentially Gary's system has enabled me to become a better businessperson." Kylie Warne – Director, Warne Marketing Pty Ltd.

Module 1. Business Rules

Do you know the number 1 reason for being in business?

DIY Business Rules is the culmination of my +30 years business experience and education as a CPA and management consultant. It takes you through a 30 question quiz on the basic accounting and management rules of running a successful business. It also lists the qualities of a good business person and there is a simple example of how debits and credits work. All in all, a great way to learn the basics of business, whether you are a 'newbie' owner or experienced business owner or employee.


  Business Rules 

Click here to get Business Rules


Module 2. Time Management

Are you sick and tired of spending too many hours at work or on the detail?

And no idea how you are going to get a better balance in your life, or why there just aren't enough hours in the day?

My DIY Time Management module gives you fast insight into where you are spending your time, and examples of how you can change your work priorities and delegate to others or cut out activities that are not adding any value to your business. However, the greatest benefit of tracking your time and making some changes is to spend more time on developing your total business system so that you can design better ways to attract customers, make more sales and more profit.


  Time management

         Click here to get Time Management

Module 3. Business Analysis

Do you really know how your business is travelling?

This DIY business tool is a very neat way to analyse your whole business. As a management consultant, I would spend many days, even weeks doing interviews with management and staff, and crunching the numbers of a business before I could even begin to make an assessment of its current situation. So I created this very flexible analysis tool so that business managers can do their own operations review without requiring the services of an expensive consultant!

Business Analysis includes a full DIY checklist on preparing a financial analysis of the last 3 years, employee input (can have 30 employees input) on how they view your business operations and other key planning issues facing your business.



 Business Analysis

          Click here to get Business Analysis

Module 4. Team Leadership

Have you got a good team or an unruly crowd?

This very comprehensive DIY Leadership tool helps you (and your team):

- Develop inspiring, good leaders
- Prepare a lean organisation structure
- Prepare accountable job agreements / KPI's
- Recruit wisely with tailored interview and appraisal

- Review business and people performance
- Build a responsible, accountable team culture

Flexible and fast learning tool for relatively new business entrepreneurs and managers. 



 Team Leadership

           Click here to get Team Leadership

Module 5. Strategic Plan

"Where are you going?" said the Cat to Alice.

The best way to plan for the future is to start with the end in mind, and think long term results before you plan for the short term. Maverick Solution's Strategic Planning Tool is also an educational tool as well. This DIY planning tool will show you how to:

- Understand systems thinking and simplify the complex
- Design your ideal business from 'scratch'
- Define your key stakeholders
- Analyse your business environment
- Create your vision, values and mission
- Prepare your Strategic Plan automatically when you
  follow the DIY prompts and checklist



 Strategic Plan

              Click here to get Strategic Plan


Module 6. Operating Plan Budget

Do you know where your money is going?

Do you have an annual budget for profit/ cash/ balance sheet that is totally integrated with your sales forecast in units and dollars? Is your growth profit strategy based on a full understanding of the 6 primary ways to grow your business? If your answer is no to either of these questions then you are at risk of going out of business fast!

Maverick Solutions gives you an easy to follow but sophisticated DIY budgeting tool so you can implement a regular feedback system of your actual financial results compared to your budget and critical numbers. Financial advisors would charge you thousands to prepare similar budgets or forecasts.




         Click here to get Operating Plan Budget

Module 7. Monthly Forecast

How is your communication on the numbers?

When you run a tight business it is imperative you have regular business meetings where representatives of all departments come together to forecast the financial numbers for the next month, review the previous ones and 'humanise' the business.

These regular and open business meetings gets rid of the invisible enemy - as in, "They stuffed up," or "They are going to retrench us." In order to eliminate the invisible enemy, the Monthly Forecast system enables you to assign real people to every number and line of the financial statement. Everyone becomes accountable and the monkeys are now on the right backs!



 Monthly Forecast
            Click here to get Monthly Forecast

Module 8. Procedures Manual

'Doing it my way' is OK for Frank, but not your business!

"If I had to reduce my message to just a few words, I'd say it all had to do with reducing variation." Dr. W. Edwards Deming

If you allow each person to do it their way, then you will get a lot of variation in the quality of your products and services that you deliver to your customer. Customers look for consistent value for money, and if they don't get it, they will eventually go elsewhere. This is why you need the Maverick Solutions Procedure Manual to standardise your key operating processes in an intelligent and systematic way.



 Procedures Manual

             Click here to get Procedures Manual

Maverick Solutions - "Systematize Your Business Toolkit" (SYBTTM)
- Purchase All 8 Modules and receive a $194 discount!

Working as a management consultant and a business coach I eventually realised that I could save myself and my clients a lot of time and 'fees for consultants' and  improve their bottom line by documenting everything I was doing and designing business systems that could work without me being there!

When you implement these 8 modules you get 'more than the sum of the parts' and this has become the DIY Systematize Your Business Toolkit. I guarantee that if you persist with learning implementing this package you can take your business and your team to another level and literally become your own management consultant. Without good systems even the best businesses will hit a wall and systems are the best way to leverage your time and your team's productivity and creativity.

"Blue Cove Homes engaged Gary Hipworth from Maverick Solutions to conduct an in-depth business review. Over a period of six months Gary and his business systems were invaluable in helping us to develop a 1 and 5 year Business plan, a Marketing plan that clearly defined our business and our target market, standard policies and procedures and how to develop an effective team and plan for staff expansion. Gary's work with us was invaluable, it helped us move our business forward with clarity and direction."
Di Dahm Blue Cove Homes

Systematize Your Business Toolkit 

Click here to get SYBT package

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